Mid-term Steering Committee Meeting of Integrisport Erasmus+ - Project on tackling match-fixing and provide awareness for law enforcement and judicial authorities.

Integrisport Erasmus+ held its 2ndSteering Committee on the 29thof January in Budapest, hosted by Rapid Response and Special Police Force – National Bureau of Investigation, discussing a successful first half of the project and planning the second year.

During the meeting, Partners analysed results from the Project’s opening year: project activities and administrative issues as well as the success and impact of the Awareness Raising Practical Sessions in Cyprus, Hungary and Lithuania. Over 150 law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges in Cyprus, Hungary and Lithuania had an opportunity to exchange, work on practical situations and prepare for future actions in tackling and preventing match-fixing.

Integrisport Erasmus+ continues to facilitate the delivery of important and necessary knowledge to equip the members of Police, other law enforcement organizations and prosecution services, which can be used in criminal investigations, using recent and current situations such as the recent match fixing events revealed in Lithuania and Cyprus.

Partners were extremely happy that the mission of the project continues to be achieved, through their engagement and relevant experts: “The Integrisport Erasmus+ awareness raising sessions give law enforcement officers and judicial authorities the possibility to better understand and tackle the dangers of sport manipulation to sport and the society”.

Upcoming events include Awareness Raising Practical Sessions in Finland, Portugal, Slovak Republic and the Netherlands and the closing international meeting which will take place in Lisbon, November 2020.

The next awareness raising session will be held in Helsinki in February, 2020.

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