Integrisport Erasmus+ contributes to Interpol/International Olympic Committee Integrity in Sport event

During the recent Interpol/International Olympic Committee Integrity in Sport event – Law Enforcement Investigator Training for Nordic-Baltic Countries on 2nd– 3rdJuly 2019 in Tallinn, Estonia, Norbert Rubicsek, Integrisport Erasmus+ project manager delivered a presentation for representatives of 8 law enforcement authorities from Nordic and Baltic countries on the activities and aims of the project. Integrisportapplies a complementary hands on approach to raising awareness and facilitating exchange of experience on investigation techniques amongst law enforcement and judicial authorities of Cyprus, Finland, Hungary, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Portugal and Slovak Republic to fight against manipulation in sport, while the Integrity in Sport Event trains law enforcement investigators to effectively investigate suspicions of cases of competition manipulation or related breaches to the integrity of sports.

“The complementarity of the two Program allows for an ideal co-operation between the EU joint project and Interpol/IOC’s project, towards the common goal of assisting law enforcement procedures in this domain.” – said Norbert Rubicsek, following the event.