Official launch of Integrisport ERASMUS+,
2019-2020 EU financed project on tackling sport manipulation (match fixing)

The official launch of the new EU-financed project under ERASMUS+, namely Integrisport ERASMUS+ took place on 30-31 January 2019 in The Hague during the project’s first steering committee meeting. The meeting was hosted by The Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security, one of the beneficiary Partners of the project. 

IntegriSport Erasmus+ will run from January 2019 until December 2020 and aims to catalyze the efficiency of sport-manipulation-related crime investigation and prosecution activities by providing awareness raising on all aspects of the manipulation of sports competitions in Cyprus, Finland, Hungary, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Portugal and Slovakia.

Project manager

Mr. Rubicsek is a lawyer and former police officer, specializing in sport- related criminal issues. He has 20 years of experience in law enforcement as an investigator and analyst for the Hungarian Police, dealing with organized crime investigations at national and international level. His last law enforcement assignment was at the European Law Enforcement Agency (Europol), As an intelligence officer and project manager, he was responsible for managing, supporting, advising and coordinating investigations and other measures of law enforcement agencies of the European Union, Australia, Moldova, Switzerland and Singapore on sports corruption, match fixing and manipulation, betting and money laundering in sport. He was also tasked to draft and represent the EU law enforcement strategy on fighting sports corruption and manipulation, betting and money laundering in sport.

Currently, in addition to running an EU funded project, he is also regularly solicited to provide expertise to organisations such as the Council of Europe, sport federations such as the International Volleyball Federation and contributions to human rights considerations in sport manipulations (HELP Human Rights in Sports online course) . He also works on publications to keep up with current trends in sports corruption.

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